About us

THAVORN ASIA GROUP is the best company in the real estate sales in Pattaya. We have been successfully working in this segment for 10 years, helping clients in finding and purchasing houses in the picturesque locations of Thailand. We cooperate with each customer individually, taking into account any wishes and fulfilling all the requirements.

THAVORN ASIA GROUP specialization is the search for options and execution of transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate in Pattaya. When buying a house or apartment in one of the districts of the city, the client needs to have as much information about the location of the object and its individual characteristics as possible. Our staff will answer any question you are interested in. We pay attention to all the little things – every detail is important for us.

Our company employs only professionals who are high-class specialists. They excel on legal, financial, marketing matters and are able to solve problems with credit registration and investing.

THAVORN ASIA GROUP real estate agent in Pattaya is a stress-resistant person with a wide range of knowledge who is able to work with any client. All our specialists speak several languages, including English and Russian. People who turn to us do not need to care about the language barrier issue. They can be sure that they will be correctly understood.

We do not impose specific offers. We allow customers to make their own decisions. For that, we present only reliable facts, and warn of all the nuances which have to do with the interpretation of the law of another country.

Many years of experience and professional intuition allow THAVORN ASIA GROUP agents to select real estate options that ideally match the clients’ requests. Individual approach allows us to take into account the details and trivia which, perhaps, will stay unnoticed by other companies. We thoroughly study the requirements and wishes of people and try to find the option that best matches them.

Sometimes the clients cannot express in words what kind of house they would like to have in Pattaya. The employees of THAVORN ASIA GROUP can understand that imaginary picture and find a housing that coincides with the description. This is achieved through high professionalism and sensitive approach to people.

Our rules make us work with each client openly and confidentially. Satisfied customer is the guarantee of successful work of our company. Their recommendations and positive feedbacks are the paths for others who want to deal with THAVORN ASIA GROUP. We do not lack customers. Customers who contact us later became our friends.

During many years of hard work we have reached the main thing – the trust of people. THAVORN ASIA GROUP is a company with an excellent reputation. We work for the highest quality rate. The client’s pleasure from the acquisition of the house of their dreams brings us not only material but also moral satisfaction. We are happy to make people happy.